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Personal Loan Announcements: Best Forums and Websites to Find Loan



Let’s see where you can find the most reliable and affordable private loan announcements for 2019. Let’s find out which are the best forums if you are looking for loans and websites where private ads are published, obviously always paying close attention to any scams.

Announcements Loans between Private 2019: how they work and why to choose them

Announcements Loans between Private 2019: how they work and why to choose them


If you are looking for a personal loan in 2019, among the many solutions you can choose from, there is private lending . This solution especially in recent years has become widespread, also thanks to the many announcements that are published on the internet on various sector forums and websites. So let’s see first how these loans work between individuals and why we should choose them over the loans that are offered by banks and financial institutions. Loans between private individuals for characteristics are in all respects similar to the personal loans that are usually provided by credit institutions. The difference is that to lend the money we request is not a bank but a private person like us , who has a certain amount of money available and who decides to invest it by offering loans to those who need it.

The idea behind loans between private individuals is very simple, and in a sense has a strong social value . This is because both private individuals, who are the applicant and the lender, benefit from this type of financing. From the applicant’s point of view, there are several aspects for which private lending can be the best solution . First of all, the requirements that are required by private individuals are decidedly less restrictive than those specified in the regulation of loans offered by the main banks and financial institutions. Furthermore it is a loan that has no intermediaries : in the announcements of loans between private individuals, the amount that can be requested and the contact details useful for contacting the lender are specified. There is therefore a direct relationship between the applicant and the lender, and there are no management fees of any kind , not to mention the fact that the interest rates applied very often are decidedly convenient compared to those applied by the banks.

From the lender’s point of view, loans between private individuals are an excellent form of investment. Thanks to this practice, in addition to helping other individuals to realize their projects, you can get excellent earnings . Precisely because of what has been said so far, when we talk about loans between private individuals we also speak of ” social lending “, that is, of a social loan. Loans between private individuals can be requested both in person and online: maybe you have already come across announcements in the street of private individuals offering financing of this type. To date, however, mainly the announcements of loans between private individuals and loans are published online on specialized websites and forums. In the next paragraphs we will see where you can find the best announcements for 2019 but also how to pay attention to any scams that unfortunately are always around the corner in the web world.

Best forums and websites to find online loan announcements in 2019


Best forums and websites to find online loan announcements in 2019

If you are looking for a loan between private individuals or, more in detail, an online loan , you can do a Google search to see how many ads are published. First of all, for the uninitiated, let’s give a brief definition to understand what a loan is. This is a loan whose main characteristic is that for which repayment is made through the payment of bills of exchange issued by the lender . This solution is often adopted in the case of loans between private individuals since the bill represents an enforceable title that can be used by the lender to claim repayment before a judge , considerably speeding up the time of the case. So whoever lends money with the loan is more protected : for this reason this is the form of financing that is also used in the case of loans for bad payers and for those without payroll. After this brief introduction, what are the best forums and websites to find private loan announcements in 2019?



A great website to find and publish loan applications between private individuals is Smartika . It is more simply a community in which the Applicants come into contact with the Lenders also through the forum in which opinions about their own loan experience are published. To understand how widespread this type of financing is, it is enough to know that currently there are almost 7000 active Lenders, while the loans that were granted through Smartika are around 5600 but the figure is constantly increasing. Through the Smartika platform it is possible to request loans of up to 15,000 euros , with the possibility of choosing the repayment plan with a duration ranging from 12 months to 48 months .


Another social lending community that we recommend if you are looking for ads for private loans is Prestiamoci , whose name itself underlines the idea of ​​helping one another. In this case the amount that can be requested is up to 25,000 euros , so a sum of money very similar to the one we can request from any bank. When we request a loan on Prestiamoci we turn to the entire community, and any active lender can decide to offer us his money on loan by paying us the full amount or only a part of it . A loan can therefore also be disbursed by several lenders, each of which offers a portion of what we have requested. All this is somehow “hidden” from the platform, which will handle both the disbursement and the repayment .


BLender is one of the main internet sites and forums in which to find excellent private loan announcements between private individuals . As stated on its website, the goal of this community is to demolish the monopoly that unfortunately is present in the consumer credit market, where banks and credit card companies are in charge . Not having branches and thousands of employees to pay, BLender manages to allow its members convenient financing for those who request them and important returns for the private individuals who offer their capital on loan. The commission of the company is clear and decidedly affordable if you consider the costs that should be faced for a classic personal loan.


The last (but not least) website that you should visit if you are looking for private loan announcements is Soisy . This online platform differs slightly from those we have seen so far as it is a marketplace created to finance purchases made on affiliated e-commerce sites. Soisy is therefore an excellent opportunity for any type of e-commerce, which allows sellers to offer their customers payment in installments , which greatly increases sales! The operation of loans between individuals offered by Soisy is very simple: private investors anticipate the money necessary for the purchase of the good or service requested by the buyer, the agreed ecommerce offers its customer the good or service, and finally the the buyer will reimburse the amount advanced by paying the fixed installments.

How to apply for loans between private individuals by announcements: watch out for scams!

How to apply for loans between private individuals by announcements: watch out for scams!

For what has been said so far, private loans are an excellent solution, to be preferred very often to personal loans offered by banks and financial institutions. However one aspect on which it is good to dwell is that of the reliability of the private lender to whom we turn. In the case of classic loans, there is no such problem as authorized credit institutions must adhere to certain rules, which makes the products offered definitely safe. The same cannot be said of private loans, which can be offered by anyone . For this reason it is good to pay close attention to any scams , which especially when we look for an online loan are always around the corner.

Browsing the web we came across several customers who unfortunately were victims of scams after reading loan announcements between individuals, so we want to warn our readers by explaining how to identify a possible fraud . First of all, you must absolutely stay away from those who, before giving you the amount you requested, ask you to pay any kind of management or delivery fee . In this case it is certainly a scam, since the lender would pocket your money and never contact you again. It is possible that a private lender will charge you for the expenses for the financing, however in this case you can simply deduct these expenses from the amount that you will disburse , without asking you any advance.

Another aspect to consider in identifying a scam linked to online private loans is the interest rate . Sometimes, in fact, there are lenders who take advantage of the desperation of a customer looking for a loan by fixing too high interest. The Italian law establishes the so-called “ usury thresholds ”, based on the interest rates available on the market in 2019. In the event that your loan between individuals provides for an interest rate higher than the threshold defined by the law , then we advise you to proceed with the complaint to the competent authorities. In general, however, our advice is to prefer the social lending communities that are undoubtedly the most reliable if you are looking for a loan between individuals.

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