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How to apply for a Fast Payday Loan ?

The fast payday loan opportunity is offered for those who will use general purpose loans from Good Credit. The quick payday loan application is made via SMS number “8444”.

Credit limit from 1,000 USD to 20,000 USD


Good Credit instantly extends its credit limit from 1,000 USD to 20,000 USD in the fast payday loan type with a 36-month maturity opportunity.

The applied interest rate is determined as 1.49%. The SMS loan application is a preliminary request. The people whose SMS application is approved are invited to the branches by calling the phone number they applied for. The loan application form is filled in through branches.

The loan application process is completed with the documents added to this form. The steps to be followed in the SMS application and the necessary documents can be learned from the sub-headings.

How to Apply for Good Credit Quick Payday Loan?


A good Credit application for instant loans is made via SMS. A credit request is made to the number “8444”. In order to approve the Good Credit SMS loan application, the person’s credit rating should not pose a risk.

Credit requests of people who are in debt in legal proceedings are not approved. Steps to follow for loan application via SMS are as follows:

  • New SMS must be created from the phone.
  • On the new SMS screen, Good Credit space TC ID number is written and sent to the “8444” number. The process is completed in this way.
  • With this transaction, Good Credit displays your credit rating on the screen of the common banking system.

The bank, which displays the person’s credit rating over the TR identity number, makes a positive decision if the credit rating does not carry risk. The SMS application is a preliminary request.

Approving the pre-request, the bank invites the person to the branch by providing communication from the same number.

The loan request is completed by filling out the application form through the branch. The documents required for filling out the application form are located in the sub-section.

What are Good Credit Quick Payday Loan Application Documents?


Documents are completed for Good Credit’s instant credit request and the branch is sent after the SMS application is approved.

People who are approved by SMS and are invited to the branch can benefit from the loan opportunity of 1.000 USD to 20.000 USD with a maturity of 36 months.

The interest rate used by the bank over the credit limits is determined as 1.49%. A loan application request form must be filled in with the customer representative. The documents requested in addition to the form are listed as follows:

  • Photocopy of identity card
  • If the identity card is forgotten, a photocopy of the driver’s license
  • Income certificate or payslip
  • A water or electricity bill on behalf of the person requesting credit

These documents are added to the application form filled with the customer representative and the signing process is completed by signing.

Upon approval of the loan request made via Good Credit, the bank provides notification via telephone. The collection of the loan is carried out at the application branch.

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