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Are you just starting out to cook your own meals? Or are you looking for the best kitchen knives to replace old knives? Welcome to my kitchen knives reviews website and blog where I have picked out the most highly rated and recommended kitchen knives for cooking. Whether you are a home cook or a professional chef, and whether you are looking for a whole set of kitchen knives or just one particular knife, I have all the top picks for you.

best cooking knives

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Knives

Kitchen knives are such a common, everyday tool that it is not unusual to see a huge difference in quality and price. You can find cheap kitchen knives that are easy to replace on the one end, and meticulously crafted, well-honed blades with sky-high price on the other. My recommendation for you is to find a set of kitchen knives that is not only affordable, but also good in quality and practical for your cooking.

There are two ways to go about shopping for your kitchen knives:

  • Buy a set – Usually a kitchen knife set comes cheaper than individual knives and they often include a knife block to store your knives. Some blocks have extra slots for you to add more knives to it. Kitchen knife sets come in different sizes anything from 3-piece to 18-piece.
  • Buy individual knives – You can get only the type of kitchen knives that you really need for your cooking instead of having a whole set with only a few knives that you use. This way you can also buy higher quality knives one by one to ease the strain on the budget.

For first time buyers, I recommend getting an affordable and basic kitchen knives set of 3 to 5-piece with extra slots in the block, and then add high quality individual knives to it as you advance in cooking.

Types of Kitchen Knives
There are many types of kitchen knives each designed for different functions, and it is important that you use the right knife for the job or you risk hurting either the knife, yourself, or both. The bare basic kitchen knife set includes a chef’s knife, a utility knife and a paring knife. They are the most used knives in the kitchen. Following these you will want to have a bread knife and a pair of kitchen shears. Other knives like boning knife, carving knife, filleting knife, cheese knife and so on are optional and depend on your cooking needs.

Size of Kitchen Knives
The standard size for a chef’s knife is 8-inch for the average person, but if you have a shorter profile you might want a 7-inch or 6-inch chef knife for easier use. Many top brands provide different sizes for their knives.

Kitchen Knives Reviews & Top Picks

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Some Other Tools You Will Need:

Best Knives By Brands

If you want to quickly find your knives by their brand names, here are some of my picks:

Best Rated Kitchen Knives Quick Guide

Here are some of the guides that I have compiled to help you decide which the best kitchen knives are. Feel free to browse through my blog for more.

Start all the fun in the kitchen with the right kitchen knives and you will find yourself build up more passion for cooking over time. The best knife will help you do the job quickly, easily and safely. You will be cooking more from now and enjoy healthy home cooked food.

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